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Dec 25 2008

A brief history of Ampel Denta

ampel denta A brief history of Ampel Denta travelog islam food

The Great Mosque of Sunan Ampel

With ancient javanese architectural style, it uses three leveled roof, unlike the one in middle east and eastern europe, it doesn’t have any dome. Supported by 16 pillars of teak wood, 17m in length and 60cm in diameter. The amazing thing about these wooden pillars is that they stand ‘without any brace’, causing unsolved mystery up until today: How to transport those gigantic logs to Ampel when all transportation and construction means were still unsophisticated at that time?

More about Ampel Denta here:

Dec 25 2008

Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo, Surabaya

chenghoo467 Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo, Surabaya travelog islam

Beberapa fakta yg mungkin kamu perlu tau tentang Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo:

Siapa itu Cheng Hoo?

Maghrib di Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo:

Dec 25 2008

Candi Tikus

canditikus01s Candi Tikus travelog

The story of Candi Tikus was started with the finding of a temple miniature at a public cemetery. Thus the finding led to the excavation of Candi Tikus at 1914 when Kabupaten Mojokerto was ruled by bupati R. A. A. Kromodjojo Adinegoro. The site was named Candi Tikus (Temple of Rats) because in 1914 there was an epidemy of rats attacking rice field. Thus from the search of rats nest, this archeological site was discovered.

More about Candi Tikus here…

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